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My Decaying Mind in Quarantine 

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8 Gsh 2020




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Philip Arounsy
Philip Arounsy 2 orë më parë
You should add a blank card that you can create your own character
RD3’s World
RD3’s World 8 orë më parë
Mobile this is crazy like how is life what are you doing in your life how is it real when we go to heaven where do we go do we stay there forever what is it I don’t know what am I doing right now how do I do it what is life I need to stop talking
dorothy fordah
dorothy fordah 9 orë më parë
But you look bald if you shave your head and everybody will laugh at you can you fit in the will call you as a bad name like poop pants I mean poop head and everybody will laugh at you all day and you know keep on looking at you and you get no sleep and then one day you won’t see them go but didn’t do it live in your house forever
dorothy fordah
dorothy fordah 9 orë më parë
That means you’re a big liar liar pants on fire
dorothy fordah
dorothy fordah 9 orë më parë
Do you just want us to watch more ALdesk videos that’s being rude do you know you can’t speed of the best ALdesk or just tricking us for you to get more likes and be a better ALdesk for I told you until you pass away and you have no more ALdesk videos
Nathan Warner
Nathan Warner 10 orë më parë
That and my mind musec is from note
Dino Xander
Dino Xander 12 orë më parë
I like the spongebob reference in the thumbnail
Rocky Raccoon
Rocky Raccoon 12 orë më parë
I paused the vid to do ten push ups also I typed this with just my pinky
Ylva Aaland
Ylva Aaland 14 orë më parë
Was those green bateyes outside in the start a refrence to gravity falls weirdmagedon
Robert plays 2012
Robert plays 2012 14 orë më parë
Natalia Star Gaming
Natalia Star Gaming 15 orë më parë
James: Stop Eating So Much Food Me: **Watching This Video While Eating Fast Food**
Miracle Beaufort
Miracle Beaufort 16 orë më parë
At 3:55 we can see what James is watching .
My Covers
My Covers 17 orë më parë
James saying he watches garbage and then turning on Mazz’s videos SENT ME
W Super Only
W Super Only 21 orë më parë
NIGHT MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dmytro Synyak
Dmytro Synyak 23 orë më parë
and I speak Ukrainian.
Dmytro Synyak
Dmytro Synyak 23 orë më parë
I live in Ukraine and was born there.
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog Ditë më parë
This is trash TV
Tristan Gonzales
Tristan Gonzales Ditë më parë
I stay up just to watch this channel
Tristan Gonzales
Tristan Gonzales Ditë më parë
Help me... I stayed up for 3 days and I can't go back to sleep
Street Rat
Street Rat Ditë më parë
Me after watching: hm… this must of been posted like what??… 1 month ago probably… *sees it was posted 10 months ago* Me: COVID HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR THIS LONG?!?!
Nash Milliron
Nash Milliron Ditë më parë
7:25 When you arnt a loser so you give him ten... but but accidently punch a newborn in the process
That one person
That one person Ditë më parë
Off topic but two weeks ago I didn’t wanna wear a seat belt cus it was a five min drive but I remembered that James always says where a seatbelt, that same ride I got in a car crash (everyone was okay)
The Red Owly
The Red Owly Ditë më parë
Was eating my breakfast when i heared James scream about the fish sizes. Around the "Oh my god is that big Ed" fish i laughed so hard, my food almost fell. 🤣
Giovany Galindo
Giovany Galindo Ditë më parë
8:06 OMG IS THAT BIG ED?!!!!!! -TheOdd1sOut 2020
Roblox1234ews Ditë më parë
0:42 Proof James Is A Gravity Falls Fan
Han-a-land Ditë më parë
Did anyone else get that "Big ed and rose" meme on the Tv in the thumbnail? 😂😂
pico anaya
pico anaya Ditë më parë
lol jojo
ItzTray Ditë më parë
3:55 his tabs are quite questionable
Jessica Ditë më parë
“Rose was nine” It’s been stuck in my head for the past few weeks XD
AnarchyXGaming Ditë më parë
DJ they call that man... His real name is J D. Joestar... The star platinum and gum gum fruit be with him as he saves the world from the pirate vampire Dio D. Teach
i am peachez101
i am peachez101 2 ditë më parë
my mom loves 90 days
Liam's intro 101
Liam's intro 101 2 ditë më parë
My friend is skiny
Emerald-Diamond Armor
Emerald-Diamond Armor 2 ditë më parë
I DID 50 PUSH-UPS JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cuteraccoon 2 ditë më parë
No neck ed...
Barbi_Kawaii 2 ditë më parë
Practicing english watching James videos: *on*
Babydoge52 2 ditë më parë
lol 4:05 his search bar is girlfrend asmrcuddling a-, what does simp mean, how to screen record how to get girls to text back, anybody wanna be my girlfreind. cought in 4k
Alida Pineda
Alida Pineda 2 ditë më parë
Epic duck
Epic duck 2 ditë më parë
Quackkkk quack quack quack? (Duck lation) Hmmmm is mass trash? Nah I like him
Alexander Acosta
Alexander Acosta 2 ditë më parë
I’m watching the same things when it was 2020
_Bibou _
_Bibou _ 2 ditë më parë
3:53 Omg look at his other pages :0
_Bibou _
_Bibou _ 2 ditë më parë
Sonny Croissant
Sonny Croissant 2 ditë më parë
when i walked outside i made like a corpse in indiana jones and dusted i think it was indiana jones 4
Ivan Max
Ivan Max 2 ditë më parë
okay wait fellow gravity falls fans, doesn’t 0:44 world crumbling look like weirdmaggon or is it just me
Christina Ramirez
Christina Ramirez 2 ditë më parë
Gravity falls reference outside
Evan Anderson
Evan Anderson 2 ditë më parë
Ha this is awsome
yoyoitsthebro game
yoyoitsthebro game 2 ditë më parë
4:06 what are those tabs lol
JT Hadd
JT Hadd 2 ditë më parë
This video came out right before my birthday that meant birthday was tomorrow.
Galaxy Tab
Galaxy Tab 2 ditë më parë
Spencer Butt
Spencer Butt 2 ditë më parë
Did you know I want twister haha part twist it's a man San Diego
ferandra ginting
ferandra ginting 3 ditë më parë
6:12 Is that a jojo reference?
Reading with Iraj
Reading with Iraj 3 ditë më parë
I had a Twice ad before this video
Awhxweez Plays
Awhxweez Plays 3 ditë më parë
4:01 let's just ignore the tabs..
Nina Roxas
Nina Roxas 3 ditë më parë
The beneficial jasmine markedly damage because poultry interspecifically supply unlike a strange europe. melodic, useless mail
Jeremiah Davis
Jeremiah Davis 3 ditë më parë
Bruh quarantine is not that bad I just talk to myself all the time.
Evan Yandell
Evan Yandell 3 ditë më parë
I Hate Alan Becker Because He Stole All My Stickfigures Ideas When I Was A Little Kid And I'm Going To Destroy Him For All My Stolen Ideas
VictoriaThePigYT 3 ditë më parë
Apparently females are rubber ducks and males are ships
Randflam 3 ditë më parë
1:14he shows Disneyland but no castle 😢
EvacTouch 3 ditë më parë
what i did in quarantine was *become a furry*
Sofia Yzabelle Manalaysay
Sofia Yzabelle Manalaysay 3 ditë më parë
Yeah I have seen the big edd one and rose and god- that was really something... Also, my grandma was like, rose is Filipino BTW and I was like, woah like me
nah 3 ditë më parë
"Watch parkour vids to remind how safe you are inside" Me watching this vid while parkouring: yess sirr totally
Sonmyster 3 ditë më parë
4:05 look at the bookmarks... how did i miss this
Headbro 3 ditë më parë
ok wait. you know the intro him talking about his game. right? so i'm i weird or do you hear a ring sound? bc i think its so dogs/cats bark/meow at it so you buy it. idk tho lol. i just always skip it so my dog does not go deff
Mr Wow
Mr Wow 3 ditë më parë
james tabs: how to talk to girls, how to get girls to text back, girlfriend asmr, what does simp mean and anyone want to be my girlfriend. james bookmarks: how to kiss and buying subscribers. james face: *innocent smile
brody1 kenobi
brody1 kenobi 3 ditë më parë
idk hello
idk hello 3 ditë më parë
Did anyone else notice that one of his saved tabs was how to kiss *tutorial XD
Fatma Asgher
Fatma Asgher 3 ditë më parë
I guess floof is recording him. 6:26
Indie Mclelan
Indie Mclelan 3 ditë më parë
I finally got my hands on one of your books I think I’m obsessed
Hussain Zahir
Hussain Zahir 4 ditë më parë
DJ is just jotaro and you are Giorno giovana
・ Evie Animations・
・ Evie Animations・ 4 ditë më parë
6:34 that hurt me
Walnut Brush6076
Walnut Brush6076 4 ditë më parë
8:06 my fav part, this is epic
Knapford Studios
Knapford Studios 4 ditë më parë
4:02 is anyone going to talk about his other tabs?
Adrian Ly
Adrian Ly 4 ditë më parë
Ya know u can wipe ur but with water from the shower
BRANDON AGUAYO 4 ditë më parë
James: stop eating so many *****ing bagel bites Also James: eating bagel bites while watching parkour fails I know I am late I watched it when it came out but I am re-watching old videos
chr cloud
chr cloud 2 ditë më parë
same i am just watching old vids tho
Shannon Allison
Shannon Allison 4 ditë më parë
[GachaJacky] 4 ditë më parë
“In the first time in months, James smiled” -Narrator 2012
Alissa Martinez
Alissa Martinez 4 ditë më parë
My mom and dad both got the virus but my mom healed and it took a little longer for my dad to heal but he did and after he was not contagious me and my siblings got tested for it and we all got negative so we are going to Disneyland oh and my big sister and her boyfriend is coming And my sister best friend I’m so happy
No visor
No visor 4 ditë më parë
I'm bendy hi
Jules Khan
Jules Khan 4 ditë më parë
Hi James, this is Jules again. What do you do for your workout?
LA M ROJA 4 ditë më parë
H00M4N P0T4T0
H00M4N P0T4T0 4 ditë më parë
Ive been seeing tiktoks about rose AND BOI, big ed punchin the air rn
Shane Rooney
Shane Rooney 4 ditë më parë
Sadie Gomez
Sadie Gomez 5 ditë më parë
James: do more push ups LOOS-
Cat Jones
Cat Jones 5 ditë më parë
OH mY GOd iTs BiG EDd I cracked up…
Maximus Gilbert
Maximus Gilbert 5 ditë më parë
good thing i cood go to my friend house
Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag
Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag 5 ditë më parë
I want that Boyinaband poster so bad
Mandi Goebel
Mandi Goebel 5 ditë më parë
Him do ten push ups me I’m in a car
foxelis 5 ditë më parë
I am from México and I say this Is incredible
Abdul Byron
Abdul Byron 5 ditë më parë
Gif: *Rhyme*
yoko 葉子
yoko 葉子 5 ditë më parë
umm the search stuff are weird … don’t read them it’s weird
Steven Bergeron
Steven Bergeron 5 ditë më parë
Ok well I see on his tabs I see( how to talk to girls)(celebrity feet)(how to kiss)(girlfriend ASMR cuddling)(anyone wanna be my girlfriend) wow James very great tabs! 👍🏼
Toes 6 ditë më parë
VERSE OF THE DAY June 10 John 15:13 13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends 1 John 3:16 16 This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters. John 14:6 6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me One day you will come before the Lord. He will ask. Why should I let you into Heaven? One common answer would be "im a good person Lord i should be let in" He will take those people and cast them into hell. The answer you shall say is "I am covered by the blood of Jesus and he payed for all my sin" God cannot stand sin and these people. he will let in🙂👍 🙂 👢👢pepper steppers
Ricardo Samorio
Ricardo Samorio 6 ditë më parë
Dude i thought that big ed was my dad cause my mom was Filipino and her name is rose too and i think that is why i am fat and my mom was 23 when she gave birth to me and my grandma and cousin is always saying that my dad is in America but no i search in Google 90 day fiance big ed and rose then rose looks nothing like my mom and my grandpa was 58 or 59 when i was born so i was relieved that i didn't have a dad so yeah
ボバArcightMakes 6 ditë më parë
1:30 I just realised HES CALLING MAZZ GARBAGE
Purple Brick
Purple Brick 6 ditë më parë
Those tabs tho 😳
Omg ive heard of big ed and rose👁👄👁💅
X Plays
X Plays 6 ditë më parë
I have a solution get kids
Ali Shariff
Ali Shariff 6 ditë më parë
btw the "garbage" television he was watching was called March Comes In Like a Lion.
kajal kiran
kajal kiran 6 ditë më parë
So after enough practice DJ can stop time 😳
ItzBlitz 6 ditë më parë
Captain van
Captain van 6 ditë më parë
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